Volunteer to Make a Difference


A Volunteer Organization Needs Dedicated People

The Friends team only exists because of dedicated volunteers from the community to help sort donated books, handle used book sales and get involved with numerous other activities that help raise money to finance projects that improve the local library.

If you think you might have interest in contributing a little time and your skills to the Friends, start by looking through the FAQs listed below and then contact us if you have more questions or would like to get started. 

FAQs (Frequently-Asked-Questions)

Q. Do you have to be a member of Friends to volunteer?

A. No. They are entirely separate. Some people prefer to support us with membership fees, some prefer to volunteer time, and some like to do both. It's up to you.

Q. How much time is expected from me if I volunteer?

A. We set the threshold low and then leave it up to you to determine if you want to do more. We like volunteers to commit a couple of hours per week. Of course, it's very flexible based on what other commitments (vacations, etc.) are going on in your life.

Q. Is volunteering just for retirees?

A. No. But, the fact is that most of our volunteers are retired because they're the ones with the time to commit. But, if you're still working inside or outside the home and would like to get involved, we would love to have you.

Q. What types of activities can I volunteer for and whom should I contact?

A. Here is a list of most of the volunteer activities. A list of Board members is provided below:

   Book Sorting: Sort donated books by category and quality to determine if they are sold in the bookstore, at books sales or online.

   Book Sales Events: Help set-up, clean-up, cashier or perform other functions to help make sales events successful.

   Book Discussions & Booked 4 Lunch: Help organize and execute these events that involve discussing books with others in the community and hosting an author.

   Marketing & Membership: Help publicize and support communications efforts to let various audiences know what the Friends are doing? 

Q. Are you looking for certain skills or experience in volunteers?

A. Generally, no special skills or experience is required. Training is provided. However, we are always looking for volunteers with photography or social media skills.


Our Board of Directors

President  -  Joe David

Vice-President  -  Alice Morrill

Book Discussion  -  Linda Berra 

Secretary  -  Denise Mahoney

Co-Treasurer  -  Marianne Warnock 

Co-Treasurer - Linda David

Former President - Debbie Straub

Booked for Lunch - Jean Vander Laan & Bette McCune

Membership -  Judy & Mike Gillen 

Marketing/Publicity - Philip Van Suilichem
Book Sales Events  -  Kathy Wosinski  
Bookstore/Sorters  -  Laurel Ingram 

Online Sales - Nancy Harper

Volunteer Coordination - Bette McCune


Volunteer Event Sign-Up

If you would like to sign-up to work an upcoming event, please click on the button below.