Friends 'Chapter Two' Bookstore

Gently Used Books at Low Prices

Most people go to the library to check books out. But, the Chapter Two bookstore, which is housed in the Cascade branch library, lets you purchase low-priced, high-quality books. We restock the shelves daily to offer you a wide range of titles in all categories, including fiction, non-fiction, biographies, travel, children's, self-help, collectibles, sports, reference and more. 

All books in the store were donated to the Friends to support the library. You may want to consider donating books yourself (see below). 

All proceeds go to the Cascade Library. Most books are $3 or less.​ Books are purchased at the front desk with cash, check or credit card.  

Monthly Featured Book Specials


Wood Gondola: Gardening

Center Bookcase:  Civil War

Glass Shelf: Home Decor 

Lois’ Bookshelf:  Biography

Cart 1: Ireland

Cart 2:  Graphics


Wood Gondola: Gardening

Center Bookcase:  History

Glass Shelf: Home Decor 

Lois’ Bookshelf:  Biography

Cart 1: Cookbooks

Cart 2:  Hobbies

How to Donate Your Books

Most of us pile books onto shelves or into closets or boxes even though we'll likely never read them again. Well, the Friends can help you find a good home for them and put them to good use for other members of the community.

You can donate your books by depositing them in the large bins next to the library's Wisner Center. Or, if you have a large collection to donate, such as from an estate, contact us at to arrange a meeting time.