Our Mission

The Friends' mission is to foster closer relations between the KDL Cascade Township Branch and the surrounding community by helping fund special programs, new equipment and building improvements that will enhance the "library experience" for members of the community. 

The Friends also seek to promote knowledge of the library's functions, resources, services and needs.

Who Are We?

The Friends is entirely composed of volunteers who generously share their time to help raise funds, primarily through the sale of used books and membership fees, and help organize and execute several events to support the needs of the library.

We are a non-profit organization, with all revenue going directly to support library needs. We have been in operation for more than 40 years.

Our Board of Directors

President/Book Sales Adviser  -  Debbie Straub  (EditorDAS@aol.com)

Vice-President  -  Paula Rowland  (garpkr@charter.net)

Book Discussion  -  Linda Berra (lberra1@att.net)

Secretary  -  Kyle Landman (kyleanddoug2@msn.com)

Treasurer  -  Marianne Warnock (mariannewarnock@prodigy.net)

Former President/Booked 4 Lunch - Jeanne VanderLaan (kvande6233@aol.com)

Membership/Marketing  -  Joe David (joed1947@gmail.com)

Indoor Book Sales  -  Kathy Wosinski (kathywo91970@gamil.com) and Ellen Gray (cutiepiegray@aol.com)

Bookstore/Sorters  -  Laurel Ingram (ww.ingram@comcast.net) and Marge Ohlman (margeohlman66@gmail.com