Clean, Affordable Used Books



We want to give you as much access to a wide variety of used books as possible. And, we do that in a variety of ways to fit your preferences. Take a look.

1. Inside Book Sales Events

We hold several one, two and three-day indoor sales events each year in January, March, September and November where we make thousands of books available to all comers at very affordable prices. Members have "Early Bird" privileges for most of the sales events, which gives them first crack at their favorite titles. If you're not a member but would like more information about membership, visit our Membership page.

SALES EVENT SCHEDULE: Click here to visit our "Events" page and find out when our sales are scheduled.

2. Outside Fourth of July Sale Event

One of the highlights of the Friends' year is the annual Fourth of July Sale, which is part of a fun community event. We make thousands of books available, including fiction, nonfiction, history, self-help, travel, biography, cooking, religion, business, reference, sports and more. Plus, we have DVDs, audio books, CDs and sheet music. "Early Bird" privileges are in effect for members. While this has traditionally been held outdoors, we have recently moved many of the books indoors to offer respite from the brutal July heat.

3. Chapter Two Bookstore

The Chapter Two bookstore is located in the Cascade Library. It is operated by the Friends to generate revenue to support the library. It provides easy access to many categories of newer books, including children's books and some collectibles. And, check out the "Buckmobile" in the library's entryway...high quality books for only $1. For more information about the bookstore, monthly specials and how to purchase books there, visit our Bookstore page.

4. eBay Online Sales

Books with a value of $10 or more are posted in our store on eBay for sale. Some are collectibles, some are textbooks and others are simply more esoteric than average. So, visit our eBay Store if you're looking for something special.