Become a Friend for Life.


Benefits of Membership

When you become a Friend, you help support an important part of the social fabric of your community. Plus, you earn "Early Bird" privileges at most book sales, which means you gain entry to the sales in advance of non-members to have first shot at the books of greatest interest to you. And, we will notify you of any scheduled book sales or special events. So, you'll never miss out on an opportunity.  

Types of Membership & Fees

We have kept the cost of membership low to encourage neighbors to support the worthwhile cause of the Friends. All costs shown below are annual, with the exception of the Life Membership, which is a one-time charge.

Type of Membership      Cost    Explanation
Student                                 $5     Anyone currently enrolled at any level
Senior                                     $5      Anyone 60 years of age or older
Individual Adult                 $10     Anyone 18 years of age or older not in school
Family                                   $15      Includes all members of a family
Contributing                      $25      A way  to offer more financial support
Life                                      $100      A one-time payment for a single adult or couple

Why 'Go Green'

When you complete your membership form and share your email address, we will assume that you are okay with us sending your member newsletter, renewal information and other non-spam information to you electronically unless you check the box on the form asking us to communicate only via the US Postal Service. For a non-profit, all-volunteer organization like ours, it's important to limit expenses wherever possible so that more revenue can be used to support the library.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: If I become a member, am I expected to volunteer, too? No. Membership and volunteering are two entirely different things. No one will pester you about volunteering if you don't put your hand up.  

Q: How is the money from membership fees and book sales used? The money goes toward supporting the needs of the library, including building additions, special programs, supplies, etc.  

Q: If I share my email address, will I receive unwanted email from you? Will you share my email address? We are very careful not to send members any email communications that are intrusive. We only use your email address to send notifications of events, renewal information, news of new member services and your quarterly newsletter. We never share your address.  

Here's How to Renew Your Membership or Become A New Member

You can become a new member or renew your membership in two ways:

(1) Go to our Online Store, select what type of membership you want and follow the prompts to checkout; or

(2) Download the Membership Form below, print, complete and mail it to the Friends (2870 Jacksmith Ave SE; Grand Rapids, MI 49546) or drop it off with your payment the next time you visit the library. Please make checks payable to Friends of the Cascade Library.

Friends Membership Form (pdf)