Help Wanted

Friends Board Needs A Secretary

        The Friends’ Board of Directors is looking for a volunteer to fill the role of Secretary. The primary responsibility of the role is to capture and distribute the minutes of the Board of Directors meetings. The Board meets once a month at 1 pm on Mondays for two hours at the Cascade Township library.

        If you’re good at taking notes that you can actually understand later, you’re fully qualified. But, even if you’re not, we have use of an app that will record and transcribe the meetings. The secretary would then need to edit the transcription down to manageable size, eliminating non-essential dialogue.

        And, of course, the Secretary is a voting member of the Board, with a platform to help influence the priorities and future direction of the Friends’ organization.

        If you’re interested in the role or simply would like more information, please send an email to Joe David, board president, at