Temporary Impacts of COVID-19 on Friends’ Activities


The Library Is Closed

Since most Friends activities and events take place within the walls of the Cascade branch library, we couldn’t do much even if we wanted to for now...which we don’t. Once the library reopens, we will reevaluate when to resume our operations.

March 20-22 Book Sale Postponed

We hope to be able to reschedule the book sale for some time in May, if the virus has run its course and if the library can accommodate us. But, that doesn’t appear likely. We will communicate any new dates via email, Facebook and our website.

Flix @ the Library Postponed

Flix for Families (Frozen II) and Flix for Grown-Ups (Knives Out) have been postponed until at least April.

Status of Other Events

Anything scheduled to take place in the library has been cancelled or postponed until the library reopens. That includes book discussions, Booked-For-Lunch, concerts, sales and Flix. We have rescheduled the April 15 “Dining for Dough” at Pietro’s to September 30. If there are any additional changes, we will communicate them to you via email, Facebook and this website.

With  Governor  Whitmer’s  order  for  all  Michigan  residents  to  stay home  except  for  essential  needs,  we  have  also  suspended  online  sales  activities  and  closed  our  eBay  store  since  it  would  have  required  volunteers  to  go  to  the  library  to  ship  sold  books.

Volunteers: Please Stay Home

We have temporarily shut down virtually all our operations and asked volunteers to stay home. The one exception is our online eBay store, which will remain operational for now.

Book Donations Suspended

Since we have asked our volunteer book sorters to stay home, we have sealed up our book donation bins outside the library temporarily. We’re sorry if this causes an inconvenience for you and hope that members of our community will resume their generosity once the library reopens.